Andover Schools To Take Part in Arts Project

A one-year visual-art project will see 5 Andover schools
learn about Ash Trees in Andover

James Aldridge, an Associate Artist at CAS (Chapel Arts Studios, Andover) has been
successful in applying to Art Council England for a one-year visual arts project ‘Ash
Tree Stream’. Project partners include Andover Trees United, CAS (Chapel Arts
Studios) and five schools in the Andover area. James will enable school children and
staff to use visual arts processes to learn about Ash trees and Ash dieback disease,
outside of the classroom. The school children will develop new artistic skills through
documenting their experiences of Ash Trees and the Ash trees place in their local
heritage (Andover is thought to get its name from ‘‘on dubr’ meaning Ash Tree
Stream). New artwork by James and the children will be shared with the public in
Summer 2020, through an exhibition at the CAS exhibition space, St Mary’s Chapel,
central Andover.

“Andover Trees United are thrilled to work with James on this project: using art to
help young people to explore their connection with their local natural environment
and in particular, the ash tree. We have been working to increase children’s
emotional relationship with the outdoors by improving their knowledge of how to
identify native trees and flowers. This project is the perfect vehicle to explore how art
in its different medias can help the students involved reflect on that growing
connection.” – Becky McGugan, Education Officer – Andover Trees United

The participating schools are:
Andover Church of England Primary School
Appleshaw St Peters Primary School
Harrow Way Community School (secondary)

Portway Junior School
Vernham Dean Gillum’s Church of England Primary School