Extension of Test Valley Borough of Culture


Test Valley 2020 Borough of Culture was to be a year long cultural celebration across the Borough incorporating concerts, workshops, exhibitions, fetes and events led by and for the community. The vision being to inspire creativity, innovation, joy, emotion and expression everywhere!

The festival has been on hold since March due to Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore the organisers, Test Valley Arts Foundation (TVAF,) have decided to extend the programme into 2021 to allow for the rescheduling of events and for the momentum to build once more, when it is safe to resume activities.

Many of the programme’s larger events, including two Gala Nights, ‘Andover Celebrates’ street festival and a summer garden party for Test Valley Creatives will be rescheduled to 2021. Several grants had been awarded to enable the creation of new events under the festival banner, and many of the independently organised events which formed the bulk of the programme have had to be postponed. By extending the festival beyond 2020 TVAF hopes to allow time for the safe rescheduling of all events as needed.

However the festival is poised to resume promoting any events which are able to go ahead during 2020 over the coming months. As we emerge from lockdown ‘Culture’ in all its forms will provide an important opportunity for people to both express themselves and find a way of reconnecting with thoughts and emotions that have been seriously shaken. The Borough of Culture festival will continue to help residents to discover and connect with art & culture on their doorstep.

If you have already submitted an event and have any details relating to amendments, please contact us whenever you have the relevant information.

Thank you.