TV Capsule - A film for you, made by you.

The Essentials

  • You’re invited to make a 2-3 minute film about your life in Test Valley 
  • Films will be used to create a ‘Video Tapestry’ – a time capsule of today. 
  • Anyone can take part, no special equipment is needed. Help is available.

In 1983, the people of Test Valley made a time capsule tapestry with thread, capturing a moment in the borough’s history for future generations. Now, nearly 40 years later, we’re doing it again, but this time, instead of thread, we’re using video to create a ‘digital’ tapestry.

It’s a similar idea – to weave together what makes us who we are – the things we care about, the people and places we care about. How will we look back at our lives in Test Valley today? What will we remember and what was most significant?


Visit for full details, inspiration or to upload your film.

Test Valley Tales

Test Valley Tales is a compilation of folk tales and legends set in locations across Test Valley. 

An illustrated book, map and podcast will be created to enable people of all ages to explore rural locations through the magic of storytelling.

The project is led by professional storyteller Amanda Kane Smith (Merry-Go-Round Storytelling) in collaboration with artists Maija Lepins and Susan Merrick, and musician Paul Sartin. 

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Amanda Kane Smith