Wykeham Gallery Young Artists Project

Wykeham Young Arts Project 2020

Gerald Dodson, the owner of the Wykeham Gallery started the Wykeham Young Arts Project in 2018 to support the Arts in Education in the local community. A winning piece of art is chosen from each school in the project which now includes Farley, Test Valley School, Cheam and Peter Symonds. The work is then displayed for a week in our High Street windows. Gerald believes that exhibiting the students work in a commercial environment will build enthusiasm and encourage aspirations in the young, proving that possibilities are infinite at any age. Both years there have been offers to buy these works, which is wonderfully exciting for these young students and a real confidence builder.

Date: 17th July 2020

Time: 10am – 5pm

The Wykeham Young Arts Project exhibits the students work in the High Street windows for the first two weeks of the Summer Show starting on 17th July 2020.

Location: Wykeham Gallery, High Street, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6HE

Phone: (01264) 810364

Email: enquiries@wykehamgallery.co.uk

Website Address: http://wykehamgallery.co.uk